Mushroom the Eco-friendly material for future construction?

There is a folklore about giant Cyclops wandering around in countryside forest. There are also many stories about  small gnomes living inside mushrooms house and doing magic stuffs. The existence of such mysterious things for modern generation has inspired creatives to work by art and technology for concept design and ground-breaking innovative ideas.

Now we have Cyclops-liked machines to do heave-loaded work for us. The AI bots will work like gnomes to run for chores. There are more and more things coming around our daily life from myth. So, is that cozy mushroom house possible for humans?

Will Cyclops bot become new attraction in human world?

It is a long argument in modern society regarding issues of environmental protection and waste recycling. The world of innovation now is working hard on the solution of sustainability for better development. Now here comes up a promising solution by “farming” industrial materials to replace all massive usage in plastic or woods. The former one is the worst problem that pollutes our ocean. The later one is the reason of deforestation that damage the lung of the Earth..

This time the biotechnology plays a vital role to turn mycelium into raw materials, modeling, bricks or insulation that cane be used to building house, vehicles and more. The magic thing happens again!

Fiber of Mycelium as a abstract art

Mycelium is a kind of fungus that can produces fiber structure and form into shapes for further usage. Here we have a creative artist Niko De La Faye who finds his way to utilize this kind of new material on his new sculpture project “Sundial #2” which, as artist’s statement, is an antic symbol from Chinese culture. It is exhibited in Kunming, Yunnan, China, a main theme to present on the Week of Environment and Sustainability for Sino-French alliance . It is also a good example to merge new technology with art form to share with wider publics. For more information, please check out on his official website.

Sundial #2, the sculpture, by French artist Niko De La Faye & architect Jules Balmes, with Mycelium material fill in.

Don’t be surprised that, one day, all mythic things will show up in a updated version for people of  this globalized world. We are in a period of transformation of new millennium. While some are trying to figure out how to conquer the outer space, some only want to stay on the Earth and build up a better world. So in the new future we might be able to live inside a house built up entirely with mycelium bricks, enjoying art of life.

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